Green Meetings

Sustainability and social responsibility

Use our professional consulting service for all aspects of a green Meeting in Düsseldorf and Köln and benefit from services of our partners who will organise your conference or convention in green and socially responsible ways. Partners from hospitality, logistics and catering will develop intelligent concepts under economic, ecological and social aspects that provide you with professional events with strong sustainability aspects.

Low carbon dioxide travels with the "Event Ticket" of Deutsche Bahn under the slogan "Good for the Environment. Comfortable for you.", free use of local public transport, paperless participant registration, or the climate neutral organisation of your event are only some examples of the many options available to you. Save the climate and environment and opt for a "green" Meeting - with innovative conference packages. These include climate-friendly working material, but also fair trade food, drinks and semi-luxury supplies, sourced where possible from local suplliers. A number of hotels and locations even hold internationally recognised certificates.