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Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event takes stock: successful convention year 2013 and excellent perspectives for the future



2013 was an excellent year for conventions – and 2014 will be the strongest in the history of the company. That’s the year in a nutshell and the positive outlook for Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event. The affiliate of the city of Düsseldorf and Messe Düsseldorf ended its 19th year in business successfully. And the prognosis for the current year promises new record highs.

More than 3,000 events and nearly 600,000 visitors

In 2013, Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event hosted a total of 3,032 conventions and business events in its venues, welcoming a total of 582,639 visitors. Most of the events (2,944) were seminars, meetings, training events, receptions and press conferences. In addition, 78 conventions and corporate events with at least 1,000 participants and a total of 10 general assembly meetings were held in Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event venues.

The company's total annual revenue for 2013 generated through rental fees, equipment, personnel and organizational services, property rights, advertising and hospitality was € 26.9 million, while the result after taxes for the year was € 250,751.

Hilmar Guckert, CEO of Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event reports, “Our annual profits indicate positive economic development. This was one of the most profitable years in our history, continuing Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event’s steady positive development over the past years.”

Düsseldorf is developing well as a convention city – thanks in part to the Eurovision Song Contest 2011

The convention business in the capital city has been growing steadily for several years. As the number of inquiries has increased, so too have the dimensions, international diversity, and the amount of space booked for events. Hilmar Guckert associates this expansion with city’s first-class convention infrastructure, its excellent accessibility, the dynamic economic environment, Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event’s on-going efforts, but also with a very special reference from the past: “The 2011 Eurovision Song Contest strengthened Düsseldorf's visibility as an event metropolis. This is a sustainably positive impulse that remains palpable in the convention business”, explains the CEO of Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event.

The core of the international meeting business is still CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf. It is located directly on the banks of the Rhine River and directly adjacent and connected to Messe Düsseldorf and has room for up to 15,000 visitors. With € 7.2 million in revenues, the venue contributes significantly to Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event’s total revenues. Among the highlights from the 2013 convention year includes Europa’s largest sport business convention, SpoBiS, German Foundation Day 2013, the Japan and Anime Convention DoKomi, and numerous medical conventions, such as the 109th annual meeting of the German Society of German Society of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, which drew approximately 2,500 attendees, and the 2nd Düsseldorf Allergy Days.

A new direction for the future

Since January 1, “DüsseldorfCongress” has been called Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event. The reason for the name change was the complete operational takeover of ESPRIT arena and the integration of the former sportAgentur Düsseldorf. This change reflects a far-reaching new direction for the company, which also impacts conventions and corporate events, in that the company is now focusing more on marketing its venues centrally. A 14-member marketing team specialized in conventions and corporate events offers individual spatial concepts for the various venues. It also boasts a strong network in the German and international marketing industry as well as in Düsseldorf’s economy. The close cooperation with the convention bureau Düsseldorf enables Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event to manage complex, large-scale conventions – from selecting the meeting location to booking hotel rooms to organizing pre- and post-event programming.

In 2014, Düsseldorf Congress Sport & Event is expecting to have its strongest convention year in its history. The calendar is chock full of conventions, meetings and corporate events. In CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf alone, 29 large events with over 1,000 participants are on the docket. A few of the convention highlights this year include the German Medical Association with approximately 1,000 participants, the 10th annual meeting of the Society of Palliative Medicine (3,000 participants) and TurboExpo – Turbine Technical Conference & Exposition of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (3,500 participants).