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"Right in the heart of Europe"

The Meetropolis lies in the west of Germany, in one of the most densely populated regions at Europe's vibrant centre. Some 11.5 million people live within a radius of 50 km, 30 million within 150 km, and over 150 million within 500 km. The Meetropolis's catchment area is therefore home to 30 per cent of all EU citizens - it could hardly be more central or concentrated.

An outstanding infrastructure links The Meetropolis perfectly with cities all round the world. International airports, one of the most comprehensive road and rail networks in Europe and an attractive waterway make it convenient and easy to reach.

Cologne Bonn Airport, the fourth-largest airport in Germany and the largest European hub for low-cost carriers, and Düsseldorf International Airport, Germany's third-largest airport, fly some 30 million passengers to their destinations each year. They connect The Meetropolis with over 200 destinations and are only a few minutes away by train from the city centres. Frankfurt Airport, Germany's largest airport, which is one hour away by train, offers additional worldwide connections.

More than 2,000 train connections a day enable visitors to travel conveniently by rail to The Meetropolis by ICE or Thalys trains, normally in a few hours and directly from London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. The main stations are located centrally, just a few minutes from the sights and hotels.

The Meetropolis is surrounded by one of the densest European motorway networks. It can be reached very easily by car or bus from all points of the compass. Parking guidance systems in the cities and centrally located long-distance coach stations and bus parking spaces make it simpler to travel to and stay there.

Do you want the journey to be something special? Then you should travel to The Meetropolis on the Rhine. You can do this on a stunning cruise from the Benelux-countries.

Meeting in The Meetropolis also means remaining mobile during the convention. The convention centres, trade fair centres and conference hotels are connected to important centres of communication. A wide range of state-of-the-art and environmentally-friendly means of transport also make it easy for visitors to explore The Meetropolis in their leisure time. You can reach Cologne and Düsseldorf in less than half an hour by train, and the various attractions in the cities within a few minutes on the underground, by bus, by tram, on foot, in a cycle rickshaw or by taxi or boat.

That's why: The Meetropolis is located in the heart of the most densely populated region in Germany with the greatest purchasing power. Central, close and convenient to reach and experience in so many ways


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