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Rhineland hospitality

"Cosmopolitan attitude, brewery culture and enjoying life to the full"

The Meetropolis welcomes its visitors with Rhineland hospitality. Typically German, with a special regional character and also international in its attitude: it surprises visitors with its charming contrasts, reflecting both cosmopolitan and traditional values. But it is characterised above all by people who have their heart in the right place and are proud of their cities and their culture. Joie de vivre, tolerance and sociability are the hallmarks of the citizens of The Meetropolis - and this can be felt everywhere.

The famous Rhineland carnival begins each year on November 11 and ends six weeks before Easter. The six-day street carnival at the end of this period attracts millions of visitors to The Meetropolis each year. Everybody celebrates, sings and laughs together in processions, in pubs, and at carnival sessions and balls.

The Rhineland brewery culture is closely intertwined with sociability. It offers two regional beer types which are brewed in accordance with the German purity law, Kölsch and Alt. Brewery inns offer Rhineland cuisine - hearty dishes such as Rheinischer Sauerbraten, Rievkooche and Halver Hahn. The waiter is called a Köbes, and frequently dialect is spoken, but everyone understands standard German and, because of the millions of foreign tourists, English, too.

Like all Germans the citizens of The Meetropolis are enthusiastic sports fans. They love their football clubs, 1. FC Köln and Fortuna Düsseldorf. Whether live in the football stadium or in the public viewing areas during European or World Championships - they experience the whole range of emotions as they cheer on their team.

People like to spend their time outdoors when the sun shines. The citizens of The Meetropolis enjoy taking a break in the fresh air, be it in a beer garden, beach club or café. Awesome open-air spectacles can be enjoyed at the biggest fun fair on the Rhine and the giant firework display Cologne Lights. Both events take place in July. In the winter traditional Christmas markets offering hot spiced wine, fried sausages and German handicraft products attract thousands of visitors.

All this tradition goes hand in hand with modern features, and that is also an aspect of Rhineland hospitality. Top-class international hotels, gastronomy which covers the whole culinary range through to award-winning cuisine, modern clubs, futuristic buildings and avantgarde cultural events are equally at home in The Meetropolis. An attractive mixture which is full of life and authenticity.

That's why: Experiencing The Meetropolis means experiencing Germany close up, with cosmopolitan and friendly people who gladly share their enjoyment and their culture.


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